Welcome to VIP Limo Services


We bring you Luxurious Road Service and Royal Treatment.

Our butler is always at your service.
He will call in for needed services and inform you of services that can be rendered.

Even if your everyday life doesn’t involve the services of a butler, your honeymoon or next romantic trip maybe a reason to experience this comfort.

What do our butlers do, and will you feel comfortable having one around? First of all, some attitude adjustment is required on your part: Butlers exist to serve you; you don’t have to please them. You simply need to treat them respectfully and as professionals.

Our butlers render the following services; suggest fine dine and wine locations, inform of you things to do, help you to find requested stores or make your reservations.
Their activities basically center around making you comfortable.
Our butlers speak: English, Espanol, Nederlands, Papiamentu, French

VIP Limo Services B.V. is run by down to earth personnel, who will create a piece of service paradise for you.

Please contact us at: viplimo.cur@gmail.com or call whatsapp us at +5999 676-9848 for more details and reservation.

Talk to our butlers; we aim for your satisfaction.

For photography services can call our partner Railly Bienvenu @ +5999 691-7216.