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Destination weddings: 5 Reasons for choosing a local wedding photographer

Destination weddings are very popular right now and for good reason. Getting your closest friends and relatives to an exotic destination seems like the perfect way to get married. Of course, you can fly in everything and everyone, but there are plenty of reasons to source your wedding photographer locally…. The post Destination weddings: 5 […]

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5 Reasons to hire a professional wedding planner

Marilse Statie-Texeira Brazao is a certified wedding and event planner, and a honeymoon and destination wedding specialist. She’s the owner of Celebrations! and caters to a wide variety of events, including religious initiation events, corporate events, funerals, weddings and vow renewals. According to Marilse the job comes with many perks,… The post 5 Reasons to […]

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Boudoir Photography: self-expression, empowerment and a little nudity

Boudoir photography is more popular than ever. A seasoned boudoir photographer knows how to turn every inch of a body into a masterpiece. The genre is about producing alluring photographs by keeping so much of the body hidden. It’s not about skimpy clothes and odd hand placement, but about self-expression… The post Boudoir Photography: self-expression, […]

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